ALGON: ścianki szklane Poznań

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Algon offers its help through advising and comprehensively making professional measurements, delivery and installation of glass partitions, glass infill, glass doors, glass stairs, and glass floors.
Due to our focussed individual approach to each and every project, we are able to fulfill the needs and demands of both small investors and comprehensively big commissions alike.

Applied glass partitions will enlarge the size of any business space, office and domestic space, adding an elegance and lightness whilst constituting a modern design look through glass.

In our offer you will find outstanding design solutions for glazings using flat and bent tempered glass, taking into consideration the increased safety of every piece.

Our advisers and installation workers transform innovative ideas into modern services. The most modern solutions suggested by the ALGON company and also the supplier of their products, DORMA, makes sure that our brand creates both a strong and stable position on the market.

We will advise and help you

We will accomplish and give you what you are looking for. You will have the opportunity to get to know the details during the implementation of our investment.
Save money by using strategic solutions

We improve operational effectiveness, taking into consideration new market possibilities and using the newest technology.
Satisfaction for the sake of the client

By making the right choices, you live safer.
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